So much gets done and completed in just 1 session, it’s amazing. I have been working with Rachel for a year now on average twice a month. I can not speak highly enough of her.

Rachel has and is helping me overcome & unpack my childhood traumas. Which BTW  were very huge traumas, something I wouldn’t wish upon my enemy.

I was so ashamed of what happened, Rachel held my hand every step of the way, nonjudgemental. She made me feel safe and gave me the courage to keep opening up to face what I suppressed for so long unknowing. I felt I had someone on my team. 

We have worked on emotions, addictions, shame, anxiety, panic attacks, extreme anger, self-destructive talk, depression. (Yep that was all happening within me.)

Rachel’s after-session support is amazing, I couldn’t believe it. 3 days after having my 1st session, I see an email from Rachel to follow up on how I am going and if there are any questions or concerns I would like to talk about.

Her skills are well above the rest. Rachel has a really special way of being able to translate your feelings back to you in words you can understand. Which by the way just helps you resolve more.

I’ve stopped hearing the negative self-talk, my meditation is so much better because my mind is quieter.  I can make decisions quicker and clearer.

Rachel is really changing the world one person at a time, I am truly blessed and grateful to have found her.

I hope and wish anyone reading this really does make that appointment or book in a session with Rachel, You will not regret it. If you want to change your life, the time is now.

P.s I am a believer everything happens for a reason.. ❤🙏