“I found Rachel at the lowest point of my life when I desperately needed some help and clarity. The first session with her where she guided me to uncover my emotions and what was underneath my struggles helped me enormously in my self-reflection which later changed the course of my life. I continued to work with her to heal emotionally, mentally and energetically, as well as the physical manifestations of my past wounds and baggage. 

Rachel is a kind and compassionate soul, an incredibly gifted healer, and a very knowledgeable therapist. She holds a safe and non-judgemental space to allow me to talk through things I used to feel very ashamed of, and she has an amazing gift to guide people to see things more clearly, hold space for ourselves, and identify the path forward. She has helped me clear many blockages that unconsciously drove my behaviours, thoughts, and experience. Through her energy work and guidance, I experienced phenomenal growth and transformation in my way of being. She has been truly a gift on my path of healing and progression. I am forever grateful to have met her and highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal and reach his/her fullest potential.”