A personal consultation specially for energy healers, healing practitioners, and those seeking to discover, unfold, and develop their spiritual gifts, sight, and efficacy with subtle energies.

Support & assistance for your personal energy work, identify your strengths and abilities with subtle energy, develop extra-sensory ability, and work with you to clear and resolve the interference between you and your higher aspects, support and study for your personal energy work.


Guidance is provided for working with yourself or clients, clarification for stuck points, difficulties with seeing or finding the root cause of an issue, support and development of your inner sight, intuition, and extra-sensory ability.

This support is available for your personal work, and for client work only to do with your process and content during sessions and help to clear afterwards. No service or sight is provided for your actual clients, no contact is made to them. These session are for your growth and skills development only.

Personal Consultation

This live 60 minute mentorship consultation offers energy healing technique and supervision. An assessment of energy bodies and centres is provided (or a particular root cause at your request). Energy healing is provided to address the arising issues as well as instruction and live guidance to refine your energy healing capacity and develop your inner sight.

Channelled Report

This written report (5-10 pages) will include a thorough mapping of your energy system; any root causes of issues if you ask for a particular problem to be assessed, and a general picture of the energy system’s condition. Techniques and guidance to heal the energy system is provided in the report as well. Aftercare is included for clarification and assistance.


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