A live consultation for the integration and clarification of your most progressive consciousness. Get to know your soul level and original consciousness, and integrate it into your daily life. Energy healing and extra-sensory reading are offered to strengthen and clarify your connection and communication with your most progressive states of consciousness (sometimes referred to as “Higher Self”).

Barriers, disconnections, fragmentation between your ego state awareness and most progressive levels are addressed through energy healing and clearing work.

Mental, emotional, psychological patterns, blocks, and conditioned systems can be sensed and resolved energetically. Disconnection or dissociation from your higher states of consciousness can be resolved with energy healing when the energy body is damaged, branded/imprinted pathologically, or misaligned.

Negative influences from the surrounding environment (eg: negative patterns of behaviour with surrounding people, black magic structures, curses, karmic knots, subconscious programming, engrammes) can further disrupt the energy bodies and conscious connection with the information streaming from your more progressive aspects. These interference patterns can be resolved with energy healing and clearing work.