Get familiar with your unique energies and how to work with them. These sessions will support you to understand how you ‘run’, and how to best maintain and optimise your personal energy system. Learn how to work with your own energy system. To support your own energy healing process, clarify your inner sight, and understand the root causes of difficulties with emotional, physical, mental strain or stress.

A thorough assessment is provided of each energy body (auric field) and its corresponding energy centres/vortices, accurate alignments, and any block, interference, cords, or incoherent patterns are assessed.

The physical, etheric, emotional, astral, and mental levels are assessed as the foundation of the reading.

The process of creating the reading provides some initial healing and clarification to your energies. Further guidance is provided within the report to support you to do the clearing or repair work with any foreign or self-generated toxic or incoherent energy patterns. Energy healing techniques are explained and aftercare is provided for follow up guidance with energy work.


Energy centres and aurice fields can be damaged, polluted, torn, cut vertically or horizontally, displaced, missing, misaligned or blocked. Unwanted structures, programs, imprints, entities, ties, timelines can remain connected to energy bodies and centres long after physical events have completed.

These interference patterns continue to interfere with daily balance and progress. The energetic issues show up when it is time to deal with them, in the order they must be dealt with. Some issues sprout from daily ways of managing energy in daily life.

Other interference can be superficially applied, integrated, or swept up from daily surroundings. Alternatively, issues remain dormant after their creation from lifetimes ago, or within the ancestral lineage, until they are activated in good timing to be addressed.

By the holographic nature of material lives, the physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal issues can all be signs of disturbance in the subtle realm (our energy system – its auric fields and energy centres). The projection of our disturbed energy bodies into the reality field is refracted within our consciousness as disturbed experiences in our physical bodies, practical lives, relationships, and inner life.

An energy mapping is a thorough assessment of the holographic nature of our being, and provides a proper foothold for working with your own energies, improve inner vision, and refine your skill as an energy healer.


For those seeking an assessment of their energy system to identify areas in need of attention, clearing, or healing. I support energy healers to accelerate their practice, those who are stuck with their own healing, and all those seeking to study energy healing for their personal progression.

A mapping of your energy system’s condition can assist to identify the root causes of psychological, emotional, professional, physical, and spiritual health issues. The disorganisation and organisation of the energy bodies is addressed well here.


This live 60 minute mentorship consultation offers energy healing technique and supervision. An assessment of energy bodies and centres is provided (or a particular root cause at your request). Energy healing is provided to address the arising issues as well as instruction and live guidance to refine your energy healing capacity and develop your inner sight.


This written report (5-10 pages) will include a thorough mapping of your energy system; any root causes of issues if you ask for a particular problem to be assessed, and a general picture of the energy system’s condition. Techniques and guidance to heal the energy system is provided in the report as well. Aftercare is included for clarification and assistance.