The etheric body can be damaged, stressed, toxic, fragmented, and sometimes disconnected from the physical form. Restoring the health and coherence of the etheric level often rejuvinates physical wellbeing, discharges physical stress, and assists the health and strength of the physical form.

The etheric field is the most dense energy body, and therefore the layer of your auric field most closely linked with the physicality. Care and maintenance of the etheric energies (also called chi, prana, life force, orgone, morphogenetic, bio-electromagnetic field) will guide the physical body to remain balanced, vital, stable. Mood and productivity is often improved as a pleasant side benefit.


A beautiful energy healing to rejuvenate, heal & nourish the physical form

Cleanse energy bodies of polluting, toxic, or residual/debris energy patterns

Assist and purify efficiency and vitality of etheric organs and organ systems of damage, pollution, aggregation of emotional, mental, and etheric debris

Rejuvination and efficiency of etheric organs, inlcuding liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas (Chronic emotional distress or misuse can damage and pollute the etheric organ system).

Organs and systems of detoxification assisted and purified etherically and rebuild if required

Cleanse any parasitic or disruptive entities and energies from etheric

Discharge stress & other pathological energy patterns

Post operative distress healing and repair

Frequent Flying : Restore personal energies and neutralise effects of radiation and other flight related stressors

Chronic stress & pressure (physical, emotional, otherwise)

Support for periods of emotional distress or acute stress

Proper connection and alignment of the etheric field with physical body to ensure correct energy exchange and assist vitality

Distance Energy Healing

Remote Energy Healing offered at a distance. With report and aftercare.

Personal Consultation

A live energy healing consultation with me. Includes aftercare.