Energy Clearing & Healing is provided to restore the integrity and coherence of the energy bodies, deal with foreign or multi-dimensional interference patterns & toxic patterns, (eg: entities, implants, debris), and restore your energy bodies (eg: repair, soul fragments, displacement).

Entity removal (etheric, astral, mental, inter-dimensional, demonic etc.)

Implant removal (etheric, astral, inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional technologies)

Clearing multi-dimensional structures, self-generated intereference/self-sabotage/karmic or objectively applied technologies)

Clearing subconscious blocks (for example engrammes, programs, cliches with surrounding environment, psychological blocks/COEX systems)

Clearing black magic, black magic structures, curses & birth curses, psychic attack

Cord clearings, dissolving foreign energies, restore the connection with the appropriate internal

Clearing etheric, astral, mental and other energetic infections/pathological and toxic or disruptive energy patterns multi-dimensionally

Restoring integrity and coherence of energy pattern/identity according to the original program of the monad.

Support for acute or chronic health problems

Resolution of negative emotions, thoughts, psychological complexes, subconscious programming, and still active survival instincts


Provided by Written Reading, Remote Healing, orPersonal Consultation

Energy Healing – Written Report

A written channelled report of your energy system’s condition and the root cause of any concerns, ailments, discomforts, phenomena from the subtle planes. Specific requests and questions are welcome, otherwise a general assessment is provided with care. Written reports include aftercare, as well as guidance or instruction to address the assessed concerns.

Energy Healing – Remote/Distance Healing Psychic Surgery

A remote energy healing session is provided to assess and address your concerns. Energy healing is provided at a distance without video, a full report of findings and the work completed is offered, and aftercare is included.

Energy Healing – Personal Consultation

A live healing session (60 minutes) is provided to work with the energetic disturbance, discomfort, or distortion. Aftercare is included.