Purify your home, business, office, and land.

Did you know that when you are in a building or walk on land, you are in relationship with its energy?

When the energy exchange is healthy and positive, things go smoothly. If negative or destructive energies are created and exchanged, relationships, goals, and projects can be negatively influenced.

Clearings will reset the energy of the space to a ‘blank slate’ state, which can then be set with a new framework or intention. You can choose the energy that you want to anchor into the space, so that it supports your goals.

Clearing is Provided For:


To clear old energies, patterns, imprints from previous use. This clearing allows you to record your presence into your new space with clarity and blessing.


To purify existing spaces from stagnant, toxic, disturbed or distorting energy patterns, structures, entities, and imprints. Particularly good for spaces where many visitors, clients, or where guests come and go. Structured wholesomely and upon request.


Entity interference, dark magic, curses, psychic attack etc. Spaces are structured with protective frequency as well as cleared.

Not Your Typical House Clearing

It’s not only about clearing your space – it’s about setting the right energies. Once the misuse, pollution, foreign entities or intrusions are erased, any blocks to keeping the space healthy, selling the space, or being successful and happy in the space are seen and reset.

Home clearings are provided for all rooms in the home from the roof to the basement (all spaces within the boundary of the home) and within the property line (eg: gardens or sheds), as well as any relevant personal objects (for example jewellery, mirrors, collector’s items).

A channelled reading of the space is also included. This will address why certain problems or conflicts have been created, and what to do to keep the space fresh. You will be able to maximise your use of energy in a positive way while in that space, and know exactly how keep things sparkly and running smoothly.

Clearings include a full report and aftercare.