The womb is a crucible of creative life force energy. When it is blocked, disconnected or numb it becomes challenging, painful or strained to conceive a child, conceive ideas, or to become pregnant with life in the fullest possible way.

With an overworked or neglected womb, it can feel that the good things in life just don’t ‘stick’ and slide off the glass. Where planted seeds, rot or dry instead of ferment or blossom. Depression, feelings of superficiality, disconnection from the heart, feeling poisoned or wrapped in cotton wool can be lifted when the womb is clear and mended.

The nourishment of your ideas, your creations, yourself and all other extensions of your life may correspond with the womb’s ability to nourish and supply within its space.

Many women trap and suppress emotion into the womb. Unnurtured, disonnected, or undeveloped blooming in life or love can be supported through the womb healing.

Mother is the extension of her own womb. Her constitution and atmosphere can become the atmosphere and constitution of the womb in which you grew. As the womb nurtured the baby, the mother nurtures the child.

Womb channelling may receive information about ancestral lineage and traumas of the womb passed down the line, whether from conception, and/or in utero as mother or child. Creative blocks, heart blocks, birthing trauma are all addressed well here.

Difficult life experiences, including abuse, neglect, exploitation of the maternal or sexual beauty of your life, or the life of your ancestors can remain stored in the woman. Rejection of life, of nurture, of creation can come up here.

A written report is provided in this channelling, including channelled healing advice. For some it is good to read and reconnect, this can be enough to open the communication with your own body and begin a cooperative healing process (intuition can spark quite alive as a result). For others a follow up channelled healing including psychotherapeutic work and energy healing is available.