A channelled reading from the essence of your inner child, to provide inspiration, connection, restoration, or excavation of the lost pieces of you. This reading can dramatically at times restore joy, consciousness, and energy.

Career changes, divorce, death, life transitions, existential crises can be beautifully supported by reconnecting with the potentials, talents, desires and natural ways of your inner child.

It is very nurturing when feeling stuck, lost, uninspired, unmotivated, or overwhelmed to unearth the essence, curiousities, talents, and dreams of the inner child.

Children are well connected with their spiritual centres, and a channelling of the inner child can rekindle the spark for life and spiritual abilities.

At this young age we process our inner and outer lives with more abstraction, creativity, and correspondence with whole-hearted and whole-brained soul perspective.

A written report is channelled from the consciousness of your inner child. Please include the questions or challenges of the moment so they may be woven into the reading to offer the best holding.

To Plant Good Seeds…

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