Information channelled from the most progressive level and potential of your identity. These readings can provide answers to the questions that require a wider view of your life path, and insight into what is held in your energy field.

As your highest aspect/most progressive level/highest “mind” is aware of the multi-dimensional sphere of your life, information channelled from this level is privy to the current boundaries, opportunities, potentials for your progression within the current circumstances.

Feeling stuck, uninspired, or trapped can be mended with the energy and information from higher levels of our being. What is the next step, how to coordinate or consolidate your circumstances or resources at the present time, guidance for life transitions, or information and insight to solving a deep, recurring, or addictive problem.

Consciousness is organised according to increasingly complex bandwidths of information (coded as energy patterns). This information is downloaded as a copy and translated into a written report. The reading organises around your particular question and is most relevant to the particular time that you ask (provided potentials within the moment).