A channelled harmonisation and solutions reading to restore balance and peace to a problem, stress, or pendulum situation. Analysis of the recurring problem pattern or block in life. Seen from the point of view of your most progressive aspects.

This reading can provide insight, power, and relief over the root cause of the issue, as it offers the divine point and opens the mind to solution pathways.

This channelling is a good medicine for those who are feeling out of balance, out of control, or simply out of alignment, under intense or longstanding pressures.

Personal Consultations and Channelled Reports

An assessment of the components and causes of the imbalance or problem is provided, with sequence, practice, insight to restore your internal harmony and balance.

Ruffled or disconnected states can be well smoothed, tension dissolved, and the gap between problem and solution bridged and integrated. Harmonisation, restoration, purification, integration sequences are provided.