The DNA is an unbroken chain of information. Its program is carried into each new birth. Everybody is a progression of the ancestral lineage, being carriers of the programs that were shaped before us. The complexes, patterns, traumas, transgressions, strengths, habits, and weaknessess of our ancestors carry through.

A channelled reading of the ancestral lineage can shed light and give release to the chronic patterns and struggles that seem to stay stuck. Resolving the ancestral past can help you to feel “caught up,” explain and resolve persistent weaknesses, and transmute family conflicts.

A reading provides the information needed to correct the transgressions of ancestors whether by action or in attitude. This can often clear off a slate and restore a healed state of being (sometimes true forgiveness), and heal the life program.

Birth curses can be addressed here as they are inherited from the family line (for example the psychological stressors of unfair punishment and indecent acts experienced by the great great great grandmother or grandfather can emerge in every following child until the program is cleared. Karmic knots between family members can also be worked with here.