About Az Esjmj

“Az Esjmj” is an ancient Slavic word meaning “We-Us-I,” taking the place of the word “I.” This word expresses the vibrational meaning and understanding of interdependent unity along with free will individuality.

About me…

“Healing” has been a primary part of my life’s work, and this idea and process continues to evolve for me. My life experience so far has been a study and work of healing and spiritual progression.

About my method

I work spontaneously with your current expression, so I do not have an ‘agenda’ or ‘go to method/technique’ anymore. I trust that some life struggles are designed or created, while others are the result of unlearned lessons or unseen realisations, so it is not my job to ‘interfere’ or to ‘fix’ but rather to assist you with technique, energy healing, insight, and presence.

The healing services I offer are an evolution of my role as a professional psychotherapist, energy work practitioner, and spiritual assistant for your the personal, professional, and spiritual development according to your most progressive life potentials.

Thank you for joining me here!


  • Master of Social Work, Mental Health. University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada (2016)
  • Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Lakehead University: Orillia, Canada (2015)
  • Social Service Worker Diploma with High Honours, Seneca College: King City, Canada (2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Saint Mary’s University: Halifax, Canada (2010)