I want you to know how powerful you are. Wouldn’t it be nice to clear everything in the way of that?

I often hear from my clients that something is not ‘clicking’ for them from a deeper level. They’ve acquired tools and insight, but struggle to make the deep changes that they want.

I combine my psychic vision with formal education in psychology and mental health specialised social work, to detect your wounds and blocks. We clear these away at the root, so you can connect with your full original (unique) potential and power.

About my Method

It is not my job to ‘interfere’ or to ‘fix’ (there is nothing wrong with you!), but to set you up to restore inner guidance, and reclaim your true power.

Sessions are run in direct communication and collaboration with the subtle energy and soul and original consciousness. This means that the session is informed by your greatest potential.

I work spontaneously with your current expression, so all sessions and solutions correspond to the current, and you do not have to know ahead of time. We will read and process the energies of the moment, that are causing the problem that you want to solve.

Formal Education

  • Master of Social Work, Mental Health. University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada (2016)
  • Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Lakehead University: Orillia, Canada (2015)
  • Social Service Worker Diploma with High Honours, Seneca College: King City, Canada (2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Saint Mary’s University: Halifax, Canada (2010)

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