Healing and empowerment are inseparable. When you embody your true identify and power, you create a beautiful and strong life, and empower others to do the same.

My drive to heal and to support collective empowerment, lead me to study psychology (Bachelor of Arts, 2010) and mental health social work (Master of Social Work, 2016). Throughout this time, I rarely if ever heard mention of the soul! As a natural born extra-sensory, this left me feeling that conscious people were not getting the complete picture they needed to heal, grow, and thrive.

I opened private practice in 2016, and initially focused myself on healing childhood wounds and developmental trauma, with the understanding that childhood is the time when many of us lose attunement with the soul.

Realising that that the root causes of most problems exist as subtle energy, or in a different time-space as is the case with karmic wounds and ancestral traumas, I began to work extra-sensorialy with my clients to resolve the problem multi-dimensionally. Along with trauma release, I began to clear foreign energy structures, cords, and other negative link ups and technologies, as these emerged in the healing process.

The work has evolved into an extra-sensory collaboration with the soul and original consciousness, and the truly satisfying task of supporting people to restore this connection, totally empower themselves, and enjoy their lives with fuller expression.

I made many exciting discoveries about healing multi-dimensionally and became familiar with the many blocks, wounds, and unconscious “power give-aways” that keep us stuck, and created ways to clear these for good.

It is confirmed to me over and over again, through my clients’ results, that the path to healing and success is paved by the soul and original consciousness. There is no pain, block, or conflict that can be totally resolved, without these.

I often hear from my clients that something is not ‘clicking’ for them from a deeper level. They’ve acquired tools and insight throughout their personal development and healing journeys to grow, but struggle to make the really deep changes that they want – to understand their true identity, to feel whole relative to lifelong emotional and spiritual pain, to make significant progress in their goals, and to finally live in states of purpose and fulfillment.

About my Method

It is not my job to ‘interfere’ or to ‘fix’ (there is nothing wrong with you!), but rather to assist you, and set you up to restore inner guidance, and reclaim your true power.

Sessions are run in direct communication and collaboration with the subtle energy and soul and original consciousness of the person being addressed. This means that the session is informed by your greatest potential. My goal is to serve your progression.

I work spontaneously with your current expression, so all sessions and solutions correspond to the current, and you do not have to know ahead of time. We will read and process the energies of the moment, that connect directly to the problem that you want to solve.

Formal Education

  • Master of Social Work, Mental Health. University of Toronto: Toronto, Canada (2016)
  • Honours Bachelor of Social Work, Lakehead University: Orillia, Canada (2015)
  • Social Service Worker Diploma with High Honours, Seneca College: King City, Canada (2013)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Saint Mary’s University: Halifax, Canada (2010)

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