Weekly Energy Reading : May 30 – June 6, 2021

Could be isolating or refreshing, depending on how you look. That is because we are making our way to our unique true original ways of thinking, feeling, doing – and we may be the only ones interested in our unique worlds right now. Everyone still in some ways in their own cocoon. Be true with you.

Many good and polished gem ideas can now be coming to the surface, the feeling of breaking free or breaking through…or the ground breaking beneath you. It’s all good here, old detritus is breaking away, making it more obvious now why it’s been so important to let go and detach of the broken, rotten, or expired bits of inner and outer life. Some of the break away is not just yours, it’s bigger pieces of the Previous world sloughing off.

There is a sense of lull, here a quiet moment to regroup, although it could still seem likere there is no solid place to plug these new ideas or projects or inspirations into.

We’ve been reorganising ourselves recently, and finding new places, new thrones within the collective field. It’s still a relatively airy time, so it could feel like your new birthed aspects or ideas feel unworthy or perhaps under some scrutiny. Lead with your heart, if it is coherent with your soul’s plan and fits in with the human community’s desire for evolution, eventually you will meet the doorway and be on solid footing, well supported in your plan – key here being the plan is not just for you.

It’s still a reviewing time, so many shifts yet to come as we exalt ourselves not only as individuals but as a planetary community. Your talents now may be of better support later, be very open to yourself here, and resist the urge to over-scrutinise, or even over-prune. Be wholesome, and just for you in an incubator kind of way. It’s still cocoon time and gentle review time.

The inner critic could be a bit harsh, especially if the shoe doesn’t seem to fit quite yet, but things will bloom through into better practical sense by the end of the week…bloom through. Ground will feel more solid then, and you may have a wrestling match or a cannon fire with your new self, new idea, or desire as it could be starting to match with solid ground.

Don’t over commit..be light and detached…let the inspirations that come through here float around you, some are soap bubbles while others will land very well, stay wholesome and true. It’s better to be a bit light footed here a you test the ground. Inner life is ripening now, and you may be tempted to pick the fruits…better to water the soil and explore, it’s not time to settle on anything yet…it’s good here to be guided by the feeling sense of your soul. Not too analytical, not too clinical, just gentle wholesome housekeeping and gentle maintenance of daily life to teach you what you need to know about your next step.

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