Weekly Energy Reading : May 23 – May 29, 2021

So just to say first of all, over all …there are many forces pressing in from different angles this month and maybe for some time longer than that. It’s a bit like being molded as clay by a few different hands. Some forces are pressuring the energy or ideas in you that no longer belong, while others are helping you to birth or bring forth your new you. Some forces are sorting, polishing, squeezing, burning, pressing, questioning, and promoting or supporting. It’s a lot.

psychic reading  weekly energy report

Where the timing is off or the pieces of the puzzle haven’t quite fit together you need to let it go. The seeds you’ve been sorting for the last little while, have started to sprout. So the parts of you, your life, or your projects that you’ve been trying to consolidate either fit or they don’t. Whatever is rotting is just showing you that it’s not right. Don’t try to stuff your foot in a shoe that doesn’t fit. It’s not for you.

There are bigger pictures to paint, but you’ve got to get grounded in what’s real. Those fumes or illusions that have no substance are starting to show and if things are rotting a bit on the edges it’s time to let them go. Expired. Fertilizer.

Nothing is wasted or lost, it’s just space clearing. New sprouts have got to have oxygen and sunlight to form themselves, and the waste products or the clutter just don’t help or work out down the line. This week might feel like its travelling backwards, but you’re just reviewing things that you don’t need to inspect too much. Just let it wash over and keep your eyes on the light, it’s just old stories, old emotions, old fumes.

Things will come to a head and become clear on the break, but you’ve got to be clear on what you are after so you know how to sort seed from soot.

Some things are just not right anymore and you’ll know because it squeezes at you. Any places where it pinches, you’ve outgrown. Some new and luscious feelings or ideas are starting to come through and become more real, but it can feel a bit ‘laggy’ still as if there is no placeholder for your new self, new idea, new project.

Things will click better if you allow yourself to be clear and in an intentional way trust that you will be carried to your place, just keep clarifying yourself so that when it’s time you can show up and be recognised.

Feeling like you are being pulled towards an abyss is the magnet of something left on your plate, some food still on the corner of your mouth that you didn’t see yet to wipe off. Don’t stress about things that might not be right for you, or not right inside of you…be gentle and try to ‘slip out’ of those old tides by dissolving the bits in you that get caught in that gravitational pull. Get strong and sturdy by not fighting the pull, but let the remaining aspects that are drawn dissolve from you instead.

Don’t thrash, swim and glide free. You’ll find your footing or your placement eventually, if you feel like you are still floating it’s ok here, clarify and you will start to ground.

Be Well.

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