Weekly Energy Reading ; May 16th – May 23rd, 2021

This week…

Things can feel heavy, suffocating, or cumbersome internally where there is still some attachment or darkness to clarify. The unhealed stuff kind of burns or tears under this sky, and the thing to do with it, is your best to release.

Any attachment or expectations from old scenarios and experiences are asking to let go.

Something here is allowing us to do it cleanly, the only thing that is required is your choice, the debris is safely resolved…you don’t want to let it burn inside, let it go and allow these old things to turn to ash.

You’ve got a clear path ahead in this case.

Things might be getting more clear or more springy, but there is a pressure against the expansion. Resist less, and the natural potentials will eventually fill in. Let them be mist right now if that’s what they are, things will fill in. You can distill and purify yourself and your ideas or projects here…try not to polish or attach too much, it’s just the beginning and you’ve got to give life space to grow and eventually become.

If you are getting a sharp edge feeling, that is a reminder of something you forgot to let go or or maybe cling with, it’s the past reminding you to let it go.

Consolidation will follow, just pull out the splinters. A cleaner picture of you might be taking shape here, but feel a bit ‘fluxy’ to lock in. Don’t seek for solid ground ‘out there’ to plug it in, just let it be inside of you for now –

The door to walk through with these potentials in your purse will eventually become clear, but if you push too hard now you’ll feel crushed or closed down – the bright polished gems of your future projects, future self, new future feeling are real, let them exist in your field without trying too hard with them unless you have a clear invitation or opportunity to work it into the physical.

No pushing this week – just appreciate and allow, be patient…there is a conflicting combination of support and suppression, so you’ve got to let the good stuff exist without trying to force anything, and anything sore, stingy, clingy, or spikey…you can open your hand and let go.

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