Weekly Psychic Reading : May 9 2021 – May 15,2021

weekly energy reading psychic advice

Flush out…this week’s theme is purification, distillation, sanctification

Because whatever we are working with now, will either illuminate…or rot. We’ve got to get pure in our emotional waters, so that our future projects are properly nourished.

Nothing too intense or cumbersome is coming through as ideas of what to do or act on, so it’s not the best time to start new projects unless something is really breaking through you. There is support here, just no ‘activation’ energy, so it’s got to be your natural inner charge leading things. If it’s slow, let it be.

Whatever sprouts here can have some really good roots. Just let it natural, and don’t force anything to grow – it’s better this week to DISCERN. CLEANSE – not create. Nurture what you’ve already got, if you like how it’s working for you.

Our future projects are being nourished here by our emotions, it’s good to get conscious or release what’s acidic, spent, or rot. The “soil” of your life here is being nourished by watery emotions that could be subconscious so if something unpleasant is coming to light, let it express and dissolve, it’ not so good to push it back into the dark.

It’s a harsh time to be honest with yourself but it’s a perfect opportunity to let things rise and release. It’s a good time to set a new polished standard once you’ve let go of grime.

You will nourish or toxify yourself and your creations here, so get conscious and clear…your darkness or toxicity can be seen and felt in your projects. You will be coming up and through the underground of yourself, so it could feel a bit acidic and projects or relationships or inner monologue can carry very sweetly up the root system, but if your waters are a bit toxic or unhealed, things could sting back at you, showing the unconscious mess you can clean out now.

Filtering time…

There can be feelings of wanting to break through or bust through with a fizzle at the end…don’t get downtrodden, it just means that the emotional energy was not behind it, you were not feeling totally inspired here so there was not enough charge to keep it alive, it wasn’t “real” enough to make it through so this is also a bit of a filtering process this week.

See what sticks… if it doesn’t feel ‘alive’ enough it’s ok to let it burst, new ideas will be coming soon, more polished and ‘right’ ones for your next steps and they will be supported to expand. Whatever nurtures and energises your body this week will be best to support your fruitfulness later this month and breaking into June. Good time for body cleansing, and emotional cleansing…it will be spiritually healing.

Filter and purify this week, use the apparent hissings or uprising of so called pains or failures to flush out the negative emotional states of being, or attitudes that you’ve attached to yourself. Let yourself unhook from anything toxic, whether it’s an idea inside or an aspect of relationship, endeavour, project, or idea.

Pluck out the rotting seeds. Clean your emotional waters.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Camille Brodard on Unsplash, elizabeth lon Unsplash, Mink Mingle on Unsplash

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