Professional Psychotherapy | Block & Trauma Release | Energy Healing | Esoteric Guidance | Channelling


Block & trauma release, Heal your emotional wounds. Complex PTSD and developmental trauma, ancestral and karmic blocks.

Energy Work

Diagnostic, Clearings, repair, balance and alignment, soul integration, dark structures, blocks, and entity removal.

Psychic Support

Bring your life and soul into full alignment, and Express your highest potential. Consultation, information & high frequency support.

Scope of Healing

Life Transitions, Career Transitions, Existential, Life Crisis, Spiritual Awakening, Separations, Divorce

Life & Soul Integration

Channelled Healing & Professional Psychotherapeutic Work

Spiritual and Material Coherence in daily life (Professional, Personal, Health, Spiritual Alignment)

Distance Energy Work, Remote Healing, Energy Healing, Energy System Assessments

Mend your subtle energies and surroundings

Extra-Sensory Skills Development

Life time transformation and reformation according to your most progressive aspects

Guidance and support for people with extra-sensory gifts, mentorship and emotional/spiritual/mental health

Creative Blocks & Writer’s Block

Empowerment Coaching

Energy clearing for wellness & rejuvenation, recovery, boosts for emotionally and psychologically difficult times

Vision and Reformation of Life Pattern according to your most progressive aspect

Spiritual Integration & Progression Coaching

Healing Trauma, Developmental Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, Karmic Wounding and Blocks

Emotional Healing and wholesome reintegration of lost parts, Trauma Release Therapy, Soul Retrieval

Clear interdimensional interference, black magic, psychic attack. curse removal, cords, attachments and other toxic or incoherent energy patterns

Psychic surgery – etheric implant removal, entity removal, interdimensional interference

Clarification and repair of the energy system and connectivity with your most progressive aspects

Professional Development

Energy Healing for Animals

Karmic Trauma & Repair work, Ancestral Trauma, Incarnational/Past Life Trauma

Assist parents with children indigo, autistic, aspergers

Home, Land, Office Clearing

A natural born psychic, formally educated in Psychology (BA) and Mental Health specialized Social Work (Masters) Rachel has been facilitating healing for more than a decade.

Combining healing expertise with extra-sensory vision, energy work, and esoteric knowledge, Rachel can help you resolve longstanding difficulties, align with your natural power, and actualise your potential.



My friend recommended Rachel & the first 5 mins of our conversation I was bailing my eyes out lol because she identified & guided me to what was the root of the cause and it made so much sense. She creates a space that is so comforting & nurturing thats why it was so easy…


As someone sceptical about pure western psychology or pure esoteric psychics I found in Rachel someone bridging these two worlds. Rachel provides a holistic multidimensional support that is empowering, healing and high vibrational for the modern spiritual seeker. She helped me regain faith in reaching out for help and confidence in shifting confusion towards clarity…


“I found Rachel at the lowest point of my life when I desperately needed some help and clarity. The first session with her where she guided me to uncover my emotions and what was underneath my struggles helped me enormously in my self-reflection which later changed the course of my life. I continued to work…


So much gets done and completed in just 1 session, it’s amazing. I have been working with Rachel for a year now on average twice a month. I can not speak highly enough of her. Rachel has and is helping me overcome & unpack my childhood traumas. Which BTW  were very huge traumas, something I…

Personal Consultation

psychic advice spiritual counselling

Channelled advice, energy clearing, and healing work.

Chanelled Written Report

Energy scans, channelled advice, written guidance for all questions.

Personal Tarot Reading

Spiritual guidance through the tool of tarot.

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